Pedalling for St.Peter’s Blog: Day 6, Milton Keynes

Welcome to day 6 of Pedalling for St.Peter’s, Julia Mercer’s blog about her 292 mile pilgrimage from Huddersfield Parish Church to Canterbury Cathedral. Julia’s aim is to raise funds to help in the repair of the ceiling at the Parish Church, as well as demonstrating sustainable travel via the use of the UK’s National Cycle Network.


I must be getting fitter, as this is my biggest mileage yet, but I really don’t feel all that tired.

Today was two completely different bike rides: in the morning I was riding down 16 miles of cycle path all the way to Northampton, the Brampton Valley Way. In the afternoon it was country roads to the northern edge of Milton Keynes, where I was back on home territory from my three week stay here in May.

The morning ride was straight and flat….and fast until I reached the sections of unlit tunnel, which were frankly terrifying. My bike light gave out a feeble glow that was cheering but inadequate. It was good that the path was dead straight, and I made for the little square of light inthe distance and hoped for the best.

Back out in the sunshine again bunny rabbits chased about and it was a great delight to meet up with Anna and Ellie for lunch: they had come to see Ellie’s sister in Northants and brought her along for a picnic.

South of Northampton the roar of the M1 became audible again. Lanes wound through wheat fields now starting to be cut. Crowds of crows rising from the stubble made beautiful chaotic patterns in the sky. It was lovely to begin recognising familiar landmarks and know my way without relying on the map.

The bicycle is going well, and my legs are holding up ok. It looks like I’m really going to get there!”

Be sure to check back soon for Julia’s next instalment of her extraordinary journey.

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